Jesse Keen Book Club

In the Jesse Keen Book Club, we are nurturing our student’s love for reading. Each week we meet and dive into our chapter book. Students take notes throughout the week on what they’ve read and we discuss their thoughts, feelings, connections and questions about what they’ve read. They really get into the stories and connect with the characters. Students also get their own workbook where the practice key reading skills like main idea and key detailing, character analysis, sequencing, and plot. They get so excited to discuss what they’ve learned and read through the week, that they can’t wait to tell us our show us what they’ve read.

Our Garden Club “Nurture Our Ideas”

Purpose: to provide students with experiential opportunities to learn about nature outside of the classroom (textbooks); to encourage understanding of interdependence of all life and responsible stewardship of the environment; and to expose students to careers in science and agriculture which they may not otherwise learn about.